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Slackline Industries Base Line Slackline Set 15 or 25m


15 Meter Slackline Industries Baseline complete Slackline Set includes actual 15 meter of webbing, ratchet part with 2.5 m, 2 x 1 m tree protection felt rolls and a instructions DVD.



Slackline Industries Base Line Slackline Set 15 or 25m

The Slackline Industries 15/25 meter Base Line Set is one of the most popular Slackline Sets to start. It is a pure slackline starter kit. The red colored design is really good for visibility, especially for beginners to keep track of the slackline. This slackline is really similar to the Gibbon Classic Slackline – if you like red better than yellow, go for this one!

All 2018 Industries Slackline Kits ship as Zero Waste Models – they have an eco-friendly, reusable mesh bag rather than a disposable cardboard box.

Slackline Kit includes:

  • slackline webbing
  • heavy duty ratchet tensioner
  • tree protection felt rolls
  •  SPECS:

  • True Length: 50ft/85ft (15m/26m) main line + 8ft (2.4m) ratchet strap
  • Width: 2 inches (50mm)
  • Webbing Strength: 4 tons
  • Max Weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Age: 5 & up
  • Tree Protection:

    Use of tree protection is HIGHLY encouraged on all of our products. It will not only protect what you use as anchors i.e. trees and posts, but it will also prolong the life of your gear. It is also the right thing to do. Slackline-industries-australia-tree-protection-setThe easy-to-use slackline ratchet comes with 2.5 m of webbing and a reinforced loop to firmly anchor and tension the slackline webbing itself. The handle grip is a soft plastic for comfortable and efficient tensioning and the slackline ratchet release is also rubberized for easy and safe release of the tension on the line.

    Watch the Slackline Industries Base Line product Video – How to setup this slackline:

    Watch the Slackline Industries Video:

    Made for slacklining with a custom-designed weave, providing flexibility to walk or jump, while maintaining enough stability for easy learning. Learn how to slackline and start today!

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