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15 Meter Gibbon Classic Slackline X13 + TREE PRO SET


15 Meter Gibbon Classic Slackline Set. Including Ratchet and Rat Pad.

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GIBBON compliments these sets with the developed TREEPRO tree protection. All TREEPRO EDITION therefore not just fulfill the requirements of the German industry norms (TÜV/DIN), but also coincide with the high quality standards of GIBBON.

The 15 Meter Gibbon Classic Slackline Set is the best starter set. The slackline kit comes with a ratchet, 15 meter webbing and the a tree pro set. Both parts have protected sewn eyes to make the setup really easy.

The Gibbon Classic Slackline Set is popular amongst beginners and all-rounders – it’s the slackline you can set up anywhere! Simple usability and very durable – two good reasons for its popularity and the frequent use in sports gyms and in training besides a must for every back garden.

The integrated ratchet protection (RAT PAD X13) complies with the German industry standards for slacklining!

The X13 stands for developt and design improved in 2013. The X might stand for webbing the world like two crossing slackline webbing, you can find that in the 2013 logo and tagline.


Watch the Gibbon Slacklines ClassicLine product video to learn how to setup:

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