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15 Meter Gibbon Fitness FunLine Slackline X13 + TREE PRO SET


15 Meter Gibbon Fitness Funline Slackline Set. Including Ratchet, Tree Protection and Rat Pad (ratchet protection). Super safe 40kN strength Slackline Set with extra grip coat. Perfect for Kids, Schools, Sport-Clubs or Recreation Center. More durable than most Slacklines.

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GIBBON compliments these sets with the developed TREEPRO tree protection. All TREEPRO EDITION therefore not just fulfill the requirements of the German industry norms (TÜV/DIN), but also coincide with the high quality standards of GIBBON.

This is the Gibbon Fitness Funline for the Australian market. Perfect for your Fun Fitness Sport Activity. The blue webbing has a really nice silk print which is probably the slackline design kids and other persons who see slacklining as fitness fun. The slackline comes complete with ratchet, ratchet-protection PLUS Treepro tree-protection. The work load of 40kN makes this slackline really a save sporting equipment.

Due to the reduced flexibility the FUNLINE X13 can be set up very low to the ground significantly reducing the risk of usage, which makes it ideal for beginners and children. In addition to this the rubber coated print adds more grip to the line when challenging the first steps. As a result already in 2009 the FUN LINE had already been rewarded second winner of the TOY AWARDS 2009 in the category “toy of the year”.
With an integrated ratchet cover (RAT PAD X13) the set complies with German industry standards for slacklining (DIN 19400).



BANDTYPE: flat webbing
WEIGHT: 3.2 kg
LENGTH: 15 m complete set (12,5 m / 41 ft line & 2,5 m / 8 ft ratchet strap)
WIDTH: 50 mm / 2“
MATERIAL: Polyester
PRINT: silk screen
RATCHET: Standard coated steel
SET CONTENT: 12,5 m / 41 ft slackline with stitched loop, 2,5 m / 8 ft ratchet
band with stitched loop, ratchet with safety lock, ratchet cover, Treepro tree-protection


Watch the Gibbon FunLine Product Video to learn how to set it up:

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