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Slackline Shop Australia: ABOUT US

Our Slackline Shop Australia office is located in Sydney. It all started in Wellington, NZ in 2013 but now we are in Australia to provide Australian Slackline enthusiasts the best slackline gear from all around the world with brands like Gibbon, Elephant and Industries.

Slackline Shop Australia was set up by Patrick Stern (Slackline Athlete & Founder) and Samy Bessiere (Slackline Gear Expert & Professional Climber) in 2013.

If you have any questions about the website, our products, online shopping or slacklining itself  just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can: info@slacklineshop.com.au


Slacklining is a great way to stay fit and get stronger, while training your balance and your whole body. Many Surfers, Skiers, Snowboarders, Rugby Players and Runners think slacklining is the perfect training tool between their actual training sessions.

Slacklining is also extremely good for your mind, focus and concentration. Many people and therapists in Australia recommend slacklining to help heal all sorts of mental and physical unbalances. Slacklining is a sort of MEDITATION IN MOTION, as when you step on the slackline all you have to do is focus on what you are doing in that moment. You don’t have to worry about anything but staying on that line!

Try it out yourself, get a slackline today and find your balance! You will realise this advantage when you get older – so start investing in your health today!

Check out our great reange of brands from all over the world!

Gibbon Slacklines

Gibbon Slacklines Australia is coming from a German Slackline brand founded in 2006. Gibbon Slacklines is now probably the biggest Slackline brand in the world with the widest selection of Slackline Products for Beginners, Intermediates and Pros for Longlining and Tricklining. We are proud to be an official partner and friend of Gibbon Slacklines.

Elephant Slacklines

Elephant Slacklines has the most simple and advanced slackline sets. They don’t play around with designs and stuff, they focus on what really works. Their slackline sets are all made in Germany. Their webbing is smooth, bouncy and soft on the edges. High quality with focus on the important things!

Slackline Industries

Slackline Industries is one of the premier American brands in slacklining, providing a range of high-quality products to support the entire spectrum of slackline styles and users. Slackline Industries is dedicated to leading the industry in standard-setting programming and product innovations that focus on performance, safety, education, and environmentally responsible etiquette.

Feet Off Ground

Feet Off Ground is a grass roots slackline and adventure company based in Sydney. Besides selling slacklining products, they run workshops for beginner slacklining or longlining. FeetOffGround was started to make slacklining more accessible and to bring the constant innovation happening in this sport to more people.

Zen Slacklines

Zen Slacklines Australia is the perfect Slackline brand for beginners. The webbing flex is low to medium which guarantees a perfect learning level because the slackline webbing will stay calm and give you the safe response you need to get started! And you can’t beat the price for these Australian Slackline sets!

Barefoot Slacklines

Barefoot Slacklines was born 2016 in Gryon in the Swiss Alps from a network of climbers and adrenaline junkies. The aim was to create the highest quality slackline on the market suitable for serious play, but that also contained learning aides so kids and beginners can get involved.

Easy and secure checkout

We guarantee an easy and secure checkout. A one page checkout system for fastorder processing and a highly Secure payment website. We work with PayPal which offers super safe payment gateways. And bank deposists are taken by well known Westpac bank.

Free and fast shipping

We have a free and fast shipping service for all orders over AUD 149.00 to all Australian locations. All parcels are tracked and shipped within 3-5 business days.If you need to receive your order urgently, we also offer an express shipping option.

Friendly and efficient support

We provide a friendly and efficient support. We give our best to have a 24 hours email support turn around and also try to answer all phone calls we receive in time. If we cannot attend your call, we will call you back or send you a message asap. We’ll get in touch – that’s a promise!