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30 Meter Gibbon SurferLine Slackline Treepro Set X13


Longest Gibbon Slackline Standard Set! 30 Meter Gibbon Surfline Slackline Set. Including Long Handle Steel Ratchet with safety lock and treewear.

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The Gibbon Surfline 30 Meter Slackline Set is to be honest the best Gibbon Slackline in the 2 parts slackline range. Walk and distance slacklining, the Gibbon SurferLine is the best compromise between longlining and tricklining – both is possible and with the long handle ratchet you’ll get also longer distance setup real nice tensioned.

This slackline set, the Gibbon 30m SurferLine is the Slacklineshop Staff Choice! Go for it!

With 30m in length and the dynamic Surfline X13 webbing weaving, the SURFER LINE X13 is the answer to flowing easy to use jump – and waterlines. The SURFER LINE X13 comes with a robust long lever ratchet. The ratchet, the webbing and of course the printing just got a new face. New technique and new design for the Gibbon Surfline is waiting for you!

The X13 stands for developt and design improved in 2013. The X might stand for webbing the world like two crossing slackline webbing, you can find that in the 2013 logo and tagline.



BANDTYPE: flat webbing
WEIGHT: 4,5 kg
LENGTH: 30 m complete set (27,5 m / 90 ft line & 2,5 m / 8 ft ratchet strap)
WIDTH: 50 mm / 2“
MATERIAL: Polyester
PRINT: silk screen
RATCHET: Standard coated steel
SET CONTENT: 27,5 m / 90 ft slackline with stitched loop, 2,5 m / 8 ft long ratchet band and stitched loop, long handle ratchet with safety lock / standard treewear


Watch the GIBBON Surfer Line Product Video with Setup Instructions:

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