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Gibbon Slacklines Independence Kit – Slacklining without Trees


Slacklining without Trees. This Gibbon Slacklines Set comes complete with the Gibbon Classic 15 meter Slackline Set, 2 A-Frames, 2 Ground Screws and Setup-Instructions. Setup will only need about 20 minutes. Can’t have more fun in your own garden with the kids!

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Slacklining without Trees. Gibbon Slacklines Independence Kit. This slackline set works without any trees, no poles or other anhcor points needed. It brings you the ultimate Slackline fun without having trees anywhere near.

You only need to drill two metal screws into the ground. Which is fairly easy and only needs about 20 minutes.

You will be able to setup a slackline without tensioning the slackline between trees. The slackline will be anchored into the ground with a heavy metal screw on each end. The slackline webbing will then be supported over an A-Frame massiv wooden board.

Slacklining without trees, polls, posts or other anchor point? No problem now!

Thanks to the practical INDEPENDENCE KIT Classic in outdoor usages, slacklines can be set up in the back yard
without requiring trees. Simply drive the ground screws into the soil, install the A –Frames, define your setup
height, tension and you are ready to go!


SLACKLINE WEBBING TYPE: Gibbon Classic Slackline 15 meter set included!
WEIGHT: 22.6 kg
RATCHET Material: coated steel
A FRAME Material: laminated wood, coated
GROUND SCREWS Material: coated steel
SET UP TIME: about 15 min
Independence Set contents:

2 x A-Frame
CLASSIC LINE X13 15 meter long
Ratchet with long- and short sling
Setup illustration

Did you know: The set can be setup multiple times. That means taking it down and move it some where else is no problem at all!


Watch this video for the Setup of Slacklining without trees: