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Zen Slacklines Tree Protection Set


Zen Slacklines Tree Protection. 2 x black felt rolls. Each roll has velcros for fast closing and is 3mm thick, 16cm wide and 100cm long.

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Trees need protection on their peal when we slackline. If we tension a slackline plus stand or bounce on it there will be a lot of force on the tree. That for we need to protect them from rush. Zen Slacklines developed felt rolls which are thick enough to protect the tree and your slackline webbing. So it’s sustainable for both, the nature and the long lasting of your product.

Simply practical and versatile in use. The Zen Slacklines Tree Protection is the ideal partner to protect the webbing and the tree from wear and tear resulting from slacklining.

Compatible to all Slackline sets we sell!


2 x black felt rolls
velcro straps at the end
material: Synthetic felt
length/width: 100 x 16 cm
easy setup
no slipping


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