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Australia-Primitive slackline kit shackle pulley system
Australia-Primitive slackline kit shackle pulley system

50 Meter Slackline 25 mm Flat Webbing


25 mm flat slackline webbing in 50 meter. Breaking strength 2000 kg. Multiple colors available.

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This 25mm wide Slackline webbing is flat construction type. Other than the tubular webbing, this webbing is not empty like a hose in the middle.

The webbing is available in many colors.

Webbing Facts:

Strength: 2000 kg / 20 KN  Breaking Strength

Length: 50 meter

Width: 25 mm

Available Colors: White, black, brown, fluro yellow, lime, grey, scarlet, purple, royal blue or fluro pink

Thickness: 1.8 mm

Weight: 50 g per metre


How to make a water-man knot:



Black, Gold, Grey, White, Brown, Fluro Pink, Fluro Yellow, Lime, Purple, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Yellow


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