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Gibbon SlackPro LineLock – Aluminum 15kN – 25mm Webbing


Self locking Slackline Webbing LineLock for 25mm wide longline slackline webbing. 15kN strength. Material: Aluminum.


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Gibbon Slacklines and SlackPro developed this excellent engineered and smart developed made in Germany LineLock system.

This is a self locking slackline webbing line locking system. Due to a specific line driving system through the lock, the webbing blocks itself from getting loose.

Only half the size of a hand, robust and strong as a tank but a slim 330g light. The reworked version of the well-proven lineLock-15 VA treads seamlessly into the footsteps of its predecessor.

A full 25% (100g) weight reduction, slightly reduced outside measures plus clearly better side guidance and locking effect of the webbing make it superior in all disciplines to its predecessor, that was successful worldwide with a circulation of 250 pieces.

Key features of this new version LineLock:

1. Better webbing guidance especially for very thick webbing.
2. Better locking-effect due to steeper angle. Now even locks off Vectran webbing in single looping without any slip up to 15kN!
3. MKII.2 has highly optimized geometry to ensure very easy feeding of webbing and taking in slack, without sacrificing locking effect.


WEIGHT: 208 g
WIDTH: for 2,5 cm / 1 “ usage
MATERIAL: Aluminium

See here how it works:


The removable (but captive) locker pin makes inserting and removing of webbing a breeze…
…Pull bolt to the front, guide bolt head through the eyelet and slide the bolt to the side. Now the webbing can be inserted and the bolt can be locked back into place.

Because the locker bolt rotates freely, the handling and feeding through of the webbing is easy beyond compare, which ensures the best possible pretensioning by hand.

Watch the Gibbon Slacklines LineLock Longline Setup Video:


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