25 Meter Andy Lewis Gibbon Slacklines Double Ratchet Trickline Set


25 Meter complete Slackline Set for extreme Tricklining with Sweet Spot Mark. Set includes: 22 Meter high performance Jumpline webbing, 2 XL ratchets, 2 Achnor slings in 2m & 3m and 2 stainless steel slackline shackles. This set is a must have for Andy Lewis Fans!



Gibbon Slacklines ultimate Andy Lewis Trickline Signature Model double ratchet Slackline Set is now available in Australia. This 25 meter Gibbon Trickline with double ratchet setup named after World Champion of Slacklining is hottest slackline set Gibbon offers. This set comes with a lot of gear: Two ratchets, two round anchor slings, two shackles and ratchet safety locks.

This high performance Trickline set consists of two power ratchets backed by shackles and a 2 m and 3 m round sling. It ensures a perfect set up for the situation that trees are not the same size. The unique feature on the line design is the “Sweet Spot” providing a visible mark on the slackline which can be determined during setup. Therefore the Slackliner can create a setup which helps to him position himself when performing and to know which trick to perform where! Therefore you can determine which part of the line is the ideal starting point for big combos and power moves.


BANDTYPE: flat webbing
WEIGHT: 7.25 kg
LENGTH: 25 m complete set (22 m webbing / 72 ft webbing and 1 x 2 meter and 1 x 3 meter slings)
WIDTH: 50 mm / 2“
MATERIAL: Polyester
PRINT: silk screen
RATCHET: Standard coated steel


1 x 22 meter Andy Lewis Signature webbing

2 x Long Handle Ratchet with safety lock

1 x 2 meter black round anchor sling

1 x 3 meter black round anchor sling

2 x stainless steel Slackline Shackles


Don’t know who Andy Lewis a.k.a. Scatchy Andy is? Watch this Video:

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