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25 Meter Addict Elephant Slackline Set


25 Meter Addict Elephant Slacklines Australia in fluro yellow. 50mm wide trickline slackline webbing. Set includes long handle ratchet with short sling and tree protection set. Medium to bounce Flex Level. Perfect for Learners – still good enough for first Tricks!

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The Elephant Slackline Addict in 25 meter is the best Slackline Starter Set by Elephant Slacklines available in Australia. The slackline set is made in Germany which stands for high quality standards and long-lasting idea. The webbing itself is bouncy but not sharp on the edges. Many Slackline Athlete say Elephant Slacklines webbing feels super soft has a lot of jumping power when needed. The black edge of the webbing helps to see where to land or where to put the foot when walking.

This Elephant Addict Slackline Set is a complete slackline set and comes in pink or yellow and also includes two Tree Protection (Tree Savers) felt wraps with velcro straps for easy set up. Beside the slackline tree protection this set comes in only two pieces which is the fastest way to set up a slackline. It is also super light weight due to this setup. The Webbing is 50mm wide which is perfect for beginners. The elephant slackline webbing is also extremely soft and bouncy at the same time. So beginners can learn slacklining on bare feet and later put on their shoes and start jumping.


Available colors: Fluro Yellow

Total length: 25m
Length slackline-webbing: 22,5m
Length ratchet webbing: 2,5m
Webbing width: 50mm
Webbing material: polyester flat webbing
Stretch: 2%at 7kN (~700kg)
Strength: 45kN (~4.500kg)
Webbing end eyes: reinforced 1,4mm
Tensioning System: 50mm Long Handle Ratchet with 2,500kg Work Load
Set weight approx.. 2,5kg

Extra Gear:

2 x black tree`skin Tree Protection in 1,5m with velcro straps are included!

This Slackline Set is made in Germany.

Watch the Elephant Slacklines Rookie Set setup video: