25 Meter 35mm Orange Wing Elephant Slackline Set


Complete 25 meter long Slackline set. Unique 35mm tubular-flat hybrid webbing. Set includes: Ratchet, webbing, 2 x shackles, 2 x round anchor slings 2.5m and 2 x tree protectors. Made in Germany.



The Elephant Slacklines 3.5 Wing Slackline Set is the only 35mm wide slackline set available in Australia. The webbing is one of the smartest technique slackline webbing on the slackline market.

The black webbing edges are tubular and the orange middle part is flat = Tub-Flat-Hybrid Webbing

This slackline webbing construction helps to provends cuts and injuries from hitting the slackline. Many slackline athletes love the 35mm tube edge slackline webbing because its the perfect mix of longlining and tricklining. Beginners will find out what they like the best. Both aspects are there to discover: 1. Wide webbing for tricks landing and walking and 2. narrow slackline webbing to feel the long walking distance challenge.

get this slackline set and you feel the special geometrie of this webbing.

The set comes complete with ratchet including 15mm spacers, short ratchet strap, shackles, round anchor slings and tree protection

See this drawing of the Tubular-Flat Webbing Hybrid:


Watch the setup video: