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25 Meter 25mm Blue Wing Elephant Slacklines Set


Complete 25 meter Slackline set with short sling ratchet, 2 x Shackles, 2 x round Anchor Slings and 2 x Tree Protectors. Best Set available in Australia to start with Slackline Longlining!

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Elephant Slacklines has one classic Webbing: The Wing 2.5. This is a 25mm longline webbing with black soft edges. This longline webbing is flat and has tubular edges which are responsible for the soft and not sharp edges. Many Slackline Athletes love the blue Wing Webbing in 25mm because it’s still light for what the webbing is.

This Slackline set is perfect to start longlining. The Long Handle ratchet comes with two black removable 25mm spacers. Easy to use and a lot of tension is possible with this setup. The two anchor slings and the two shackles will bring your slackline webbing into the perfect horizontal non twisted position. The ratchet comes with a short strap flat sewn sling. All Webbing is sewn in German Industry standard and rated with 30kN strength!

Made in Germany.


total length: 25m
length slackline-webbing: 24,8m
length ratchet-webbing: 0,2m
width: 25mm
material: polyester hybrid (Wing)
loops: reinforced 1,4mm
stretch: 7,2% at 7kN (~700kg), 14,5% at 15kN (~1500kg)
strength: 30kN (~3.000kg)
tubular edges: 4 – 5mm
tensioning element: 50mm long arm ratchet with tapered spacers
available colours: blue
weight: approx. 4,8kg

Fixing system:
2x slings 2m
2x shackles 2t

Tree Protection included:
2x treeā€˜skin 1,5m


See this illustration to understand the Wing Technology – Tubular-Flat Webbing Hybrid:


Watch the Elephant BlueWing 25 Setup Video: