15 Meter Freak Elephant Slackline Set


25 Meter Freak Elephant Slacklines Australia in fluro yellow. 50mm wide trickline slackline webbing with extra bounce flex for Tricklining – Set includes long handle ratchet with short sling, 2 shackles, 2 anchor slings and tree protection set.



The 15 meter Elephant Slackline Freak is the shorter version of the Freak’Flash 25m Slackline Set by Elephant Slacklines Australia. With this Slackline Set you are able to set your slackline up to 15 meter and you are looking at some more important equipment like two shackles and two round anchor slings. The bigger ratchet also helps you to get a lot of more tension onto the webbing. With the shackle and anchor sling setup technique you are able to get the slackline webbing straight more easy. No more twistings!!

This Freak Slackline Set is a complete slackline set and comes in fluro yellow, includes two shackles, two round anchor slings in purple and also includes two Tree Protection (Tree Savers) felt rolls in blue with velcro straps for easy set up. The Webbing is 50mm wide which is perfect for beginners and trickline learners. The elephant slackline webbing is also extremely soft and bouncy at the same time. So beginners can learn slacklining on bare feet and later put on their shoes and start jumping.


total length: 15m
length slackline-webbing: 12.5m
length ratchet webbing: 0.2m
width: 50mm
material: polyester flat webbing
stretch: 2%at 7kN (~700kg)
strength: 45kN (~4.500kg)
loops: reinforced 1,4mm
tensioning: 50mm extra big long handle ratchet
available colours: FLURO YELLOW
weight: approx: 3,8kg
fixing system: girth hitch

Also included in set:

2 x galvanized heavy duty shackles with 2,000kg working load

2 x elephant slacklines round anchor slings in 2 meter with 1,000kg working load

2 x tree`skin 1,5m with velcro straps are included!


Watch the setup video: